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RainMaxx® Handy XL

RainMaxx® Handy XL

98,00 €
including 19% VAT., plus shipping
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 olio vitale certified bio-cosmetic shower oil 235ml /8 oz.

"olio vitale" certified bio-cosmetic shower oil 235ml /8 oz.

19,80 €
including 19% VAT., plus shipping
8,43 € per 100 ml
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RainMaxx® FlexTop XL

RainMaxx® FlexTop XL

74,00 €
including 19% VAT., plus shipping
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WhirlMaxx® Spa@Home Set

WhirlMaxx® Spa@Home Set

179,00 €
including 19% VAT., plus shipping
Available now!

Simply transform your shower into a luxury Spa@Home

Just replace your old shower head with RainMaxx and you can immediately experience the unmatched pleasure of thousands of wonderful silky-soft, air-filled water bubbles raining down on you. An incomparable pleasure bringing home a five-star Spa-feeling to your own shower. No water splashes around all over your shower.  The built-in vortex chamber generates more than 10.000 water bubbles per second which rain down on you just as in any luxury shower in a 5-star Spa. The luxury shower head is produced using high-grade anti-bacterial copper - no plastics involved! And this luxury pays for itself. This is the first shower head to be awarded the "Blue Angel", only using 1.l Gal. (6 l) of water per minute compared to up to 4.7 Gal (18 l) per minute for standard showerheads.

Water-vortex counters lime-scale!  
One super phenomena of RainMaxx technology is the water softening achieved by activating the water in vortices. The result is that the shower holes do not calcify.
Simple handling! Just unscrew the old shower head - screw on the new RainMaxx and all these achievements are yours!

An incredible wellness effect, and just at the touch of a button in your own shower. The WhirlMaxx emulsifies the shower water with the finest eco-certified care oils in its vortex chamber to form a lavish spa emulsion.
After taking your shower just press down on the WhirlMaxx button and enjoy this incredible treat of vivid water - only 30 seconds will be sufficient. Then just towel yourself dry. Natural organic skin care has never been that quick and easy!

Velvety soft skin all day long
The WhirlMaxx blends hundreds of fine oil droplets into every shower droplet, creating a smooth and lavish spa emulsion for a comprehensive thrilling treatment giving you a velvety soft skin all day.

Pure nature for beautiful skin
The lavish WhirlMaxx spa emulsion enholds only water and pure natural essential oils such as jojoba or almond oil with natural fragrances. This fine spa emulsion is freshly produced - no emulsifiers and preservatives are required at all.

WhirlMaxx effect - for women
Perfect full-body anti-aging care with the purest eco-certified care oils completely free of emulsifiers, stabilizers and preservatives. Unmatched natural organic cosmetics of the very best quality

WhirlMaxx effect - for men
... no cream
... no greasing
... no greasy hands
... no fuzz
Just shower - then press the button to activate immediate water and oil fusion - and let your day begin.

... and the shower stays clean!
The essential oil is so finely blended into the shower water that it leaves no traces in the shower. The shower is even easier to clean and maintain as any lime and soap have reduced adherance grades.

... easy to install
Just unscrew the shower hose from the fitting, attach the WhirlMaxx and then re-connect the shower hose to the WhirlMaxx - finished