RainMaxx - water softer than rain

Experience in your shower the unmatched pleasure of thousands of wonderful silky soft, air-filled water bubbles raining down on you. An incomparable pleasure on your skin. Bring home the five star Spa feeling to your own shower. The built-in vortex chamber generates more than ten thousand water bubbles per second which rain down on you just as in any luxury shower at a 5-star Spa.

First shower head awarded by „blue angel“

  • 10 000 water bubbles per second
  • showering with vitalized water
  • smooth naturalized water
  • water, softer than rain
  • less spraying - less cleaning


When you touch you feel you've got something in your hand. Made of the best sanitary materials, such as brass and antibacterial copper, instead of coloured plastic. You can feel the quality and the art of engineering as soon as you touch it.
The built-in clockwise rotating vortex chamber accelerates the water flowing through to over one hundred thousand revolutions, which has a physical decalcifying effect that does not cause the shower holes to calcify. This and the water bubbles are also responsible for the fact that you have to clean much less.
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