WhirlMaxx is the result of a long-cherished desire to integrate the best possible and most natural care for your whole body right in your shower. The result is exceptional in two respects. After showering, you will experience a perfectly blended complete body care at the touch of a button. Just vitalized water and eco-certified care lotion, completely free of emulsifiers, stabilizers and preservatives. And all this happens in the little whirling genius WhirlMaxx where water and care oils are blended by more than hundred thousand revolutions per minute.
  • simply press button and be amazed
  • select you favourite care oil
  • 30 seconds of lavish treat
  • pure natural skin care
  • for silky soft skin all day long
  • and your shower stays clean
  • very easy to mount
The little whirling genius is simply screwed to the existing fitting

Your WhirlMaxx Set contains

The WhirlMaxx is very easy to mount (screw off the existing shower hose, assemble WhirlMaxx, screw on the shower hose back again - finished) A selection of four different WhirlMaxx care oils Olio Vitale - Olio Paradiso - Olio Natura - Olio Dolce Rosa and the corresponding injector bottle.
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